28 April 2021

The largest private collection of Hemmerle jewelry

Par Marie-laure Cassius-Duranton.

The highly original and audacious collection of the American heiress and businesswoman Michelle Smith has just been sold at Sotheby’s New York. Among the sculptures, furniture, vases, and jewelry by Giacometti, Lalanne, Noll, Cartier and Tiffany & Co, was the largest private collection of Hemmerle pieces. The latter was a hit with the bidders… With their strong design, impeccable workmanship and atypical selection of materials, the German jeweler’s creations stand out for their remarkable color and texture. Among the most surprising pieces were a necklace made of fossilized sea urchins with a patinated bronze clasp sold for $32,760, and another made of ancient walrus teeth combined with intertwined quartz and carnelian balls, which fetched $25,200.

  • Hemmerle, Michelle Smith collection - Necklace composed of 17 antique walrus teeth alternating with large beads composed of interwove, knitted quartz and carnelian beads / Necklace in bronze, gold and 18 sea urchins

  • Hemmerle, Michelle Smith collection - Earclips in copper and tourmalines / Earclips in copper, topaz and diamonds / Earclips in copper and carnelian intaglios

  • Hemmerle, Michelle Smith collection - Earclips in ancient coins within brushed copper frames, diamonds / Sapphires and emerald earclips / Wood and garnet earclips

  • Hemmerle, Michelle Smith collection - Earclips designed as pinecones in brass and diamonds / Bracelet in wood and diamonds

  • Hemmerle, Michelle Smith collection - Earclips and a double strand of 104 cultured pearls, pebbles and diamonds / Necklace in diamonds, wood beads and amber beads

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