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31 August 2020

What if I want to treat myself to a Jean Vendome piece?

If the current exhibitions (including the one dedicated to the School of Jewelry Arts) suddenly give you a craving for a Jean Vendome piece? You can find some beauties at the Martel-Greiner gallery.



In just over 10 years, Hélène Greiner has amassed a stunning collection of Jean Vendome jewelry. “I bought them directly from Jean Vendome during his lifetime but also at auctions”, explains Hélène. Note to collectors: several are referenced and reproduced in books by Sophie Lefèvre (Somogy publisher) and Marlène Crégut-Ledué (Faton publisher).


The exhibition-sale

From October 8, Hélène will be exhibiting about twenty unique pieces, dating mainly from the 60s and 70s. Some are later, from the 90’s to 2000, such as the necklace “Cité Interdite” formed by a branch of coral, the “Flamboyant” with a sawn tourmaline crystal evoking a heart or the pendant “Boréal” flowers. The major piece in this sale, a sublime necklace made of white quartz crystals and pearls, dates from 1991.


Vendome Specialist

This exhibition-sale is the second dedicated to Jean Vendome: in 2013, Hélène organized a dialogue between her pieces and those of his son, Thierry Vendome. The legacy is clear to see because Thierry spent 23 years working with his father before opening his workshop-boutique. A Vendome specialist, the gallery owner offers pieces all year long. Expect prices ranging from 6,000 euros for a ring to 42,000 euros for a spectacular necklace like “Neige”.


Exhibition-sale from October 8 to October 31, 2020 at the Martel-Greiner gallery  – 3, rue de Lille Paris 7th


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Banner image: “Neige” necklace made of white quartz crystals, diamonds, pearls – 1991


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